Friday, October 25, 2013

Sergeant Dad

Two of our daughters, Ariana and Vienna, have been in California for the past few months and we are still missing them and adjusting to their absence.  Ariana is on a sabbatical and Vienna has started her first year of college at Santa Barbara City College.  They are both doing great. 
Recently, Susette had a very strong pain in her hand and she too left for California.  That left Mr. Bill alone, in charge of the household.  So now, he has Elijah, Frankie and Kenny and all the regular house duties (laundry, homework, running Frankie to ballet lessons, Elijah and Kenny to soccer practices, shopping, etc.) on top of the day-to-day duties of running the ministry here in Haiti.  Oh, and, I might add, temporarily taking over the Lighthouse Bakery until one of the graduates can step in to take over.

To keep it all in order, Mr. Bill has had to adopt a sort of paramilitary system so that the kids can better know expectations and have a little order.  For example, when requested to do something, the kids, instead of responding, “Sure, Dad, when we get a second,” they now must shout out, “Sir, Yes Sir!” and run to the task.  If just helps affirm proper ranking and respect.  The kids were doing pretty good for a while, until Mr. Bill started insisting when they came home, to change out of their uniforms in into camos to do homework.  But when they were required to clean the toilets with toothbrushes that  took them over the top.

So, after a little friendly advice from mom, he has backed up a bit and he’s down to only fifty push-ups in the morning, 5am wake-up call, instead of 4 and camos are now optional after school.

Please pray for Mr. Bill AND the Manassero kids and for a speedy recovery for Susette.