Friday, August 27, 2010

On a Quest for Christ

Every summer we try to help our children to visit any relatives they may have. Those without any known relatives are encouraged to go along with the other kids. We believe it is very important that a strong family and community bond remain intact while living at the orphanage. One day, when the children graduate from our orphanage, it is our prayer that they will return to help their families and be a light in that community.

Recently, nine of our children, seven girls and two boys, traveled to their village near Cap Haitian in northern Haiti to visit family. What made this trip unique, however, is that it was more of a mission trip than a social visit. Each of them carried a burden for an unsaved relative that had literally kept them in prayer weeks before their trip. These are the same families that kicked their kids out of the house, sending them to Port-au-Prince to beg on the streets But the children had long since forgiven them and now were more concerned about their salvation. Some of the children had even written letters to me to explain who they wanted to see and asked that I pray for them and their family members.

Before they left, we had a special prayer and worship night where we and the other children at the orphanage prayed over and laid hands on the children going out. It was much like how churches pray for missionaries they are sending out to the mission field. Children cried. We cried out. We petitioned God – interceded. And prayed for God’s favor.

Junior, one of our young men who wants to be a pastor, went not only to visit family but to hold an outreach/crusade for the entire village. We donated funds so he could feed those who attended.

One week later, the children returned and couldn’t wait to share their trip with us. In the living room of our home, they spoke of relatives caught in the bondage of voodoo that, at first, chastised them and wanted nothing to do with their Christ. But later, Love triumphed and the children were allowed to conduct daily bible studies in their homes. They spoke of how they presented a solar powered Creole audio bible to their village. They shared how family members and others from the village gave their lives to Christ. It was very moving, beautiful and awesome to see their faces glow as they shared how God moved through and in them.

Looking around the room at this group of teenagers I could not help but get teary-eyed. They amazed me. “Wow!” was all I could say. Look at these young warriors for Christ – battling for the souls of their families! All I could think was -- Watch out Haiti! The best is yet to come.

How great is our God!